New Product From Active Carry Tech! The Explorer

   By popular demand! We've just introduced a terrific entry-point option for those that looking to set foot into the outdoors and up their Responder IQ!

A high percentage of folks have been introduced to concept of preparedness over the last decade. Television shows, movies, broadcast and cable news have all taken part in it, often times sensationalizing or misleading the public on what's possible under difficult circumstances. Fortunately there are lots of options on the Web where a handful of people addressing what you can actually do. This was our intent by partnering with the Prep Medic on his YouTube channel. A simple no-nonsense approach to breaking out the items in our kits and their application. Heck, follow him and you may win one and learn how to use it! Remember, you can't help anyone else until you've got your own house in order. 

Our Explorer models is the perfect answer for those that would like to have a mobile go-to kit for their car, backpack, drawer at work, or any outdoor activity. We priced in an attractive manner, very similar to our Duty kit contents, with a bit of room left over for personal touches specific to your emergency needs. It's truly a great "in" for those who travel, hunt, camp, have an interest in the emergency response sector, or are involved in volunteer Search and Rescue. We are constantly refining our options to increase utility and options. 

Have a look at all our options, we're confident you'll find what fits your needs and lifestyle!

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